Lumosity Research Shows Improvements in Memory



Experimentally tested & clinically proven

The results of training with Lumosity are measured experimentally in randomized controlled trials. A typical experiment begins by measuring each person’s baseline abilities with tests of brain performance. After several weeks of training, each person is tested again to determine how much the Lumosity training has improved cognitive function.

Lumosity significantly improves short-term memory. JL Hardy et al. (2011). Enhancing visual attention and working memory with a web-based cognitive training program. Mensa Research Journal, 12(2):13-20.

FMRI shows how brain activity changes after Lumosity training. SR Kesler et al. (2011). Changes in frontal-parietal activation and math skills performance following adaptive number sense training: Preliminary results from a pilot study. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation,21(4):433-454.


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